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@gayatrisevasansthan Lack of infrastructure and awareness are the two major roadblocks faced by the rural education sector, specifically with regard to the education of girls. In areas of Southern & Western Rajasthan which are more culturally bound, girls are forced to quit school at a very early age. Observing this, Gayatri Seva Sansthan,Udaipur in association with IIMPACT and @iifl_foundation , started the "Girl Education Project" in Rajsamand, Rajasthan to provide basic education to girl children who dropped out of or were never enrolled in schools so that the cycle of girl child illiteracy can be broken. Under the project, 500 odd Education Centres are being set up for engaging 9000+ tribal girls and spreading awareness about the importance of education & perils of child labor through 1000+ community awareness programs. Visit our website: #GSS #TowardsSustainableDevelopment #GSSforEducation #Education #ChildEducation #GirlEducation
@iifl_foundation #GSS #TowardsSustainableDevelopment #GSSforEducation #Education #ChildEducation #GirlEducation
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